Princes and Lords learn to survive with this art, in earnest and in play. But if you are fearful, then you should not learn to fence. Because a despondent heart will always be defeated, regardless of all skill.

- Fechtmeister Sigmund Ringeck, 1440


 Sometimes you will be as an extinguished light: do not doubt, you will soon be back. To gain the Art, not the old but the new, no effort was too great and very happy I am of having found it. I keep it secret, but as I let it go, I swear, it gives me riches and so it happens to those having this virtue.

-Fillipo Vadi, Liber de Arte Gladitoria de Dimicandi







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Fechter Kyle Toelle

Kyle is an experienced Marial Artist that has a background in several different fields. 

Started training in martial arts at 7 years old in Taekwon Do and made it to Junior Blue belt. Started training in Goju-Ryu Shoriekan Karate and western kickboxing in 2003, and started teaching Karate/Kickboxing in 2006 to 2012 professionally. Started training MMA/JKD/Arnis in 2007 and currently Advanced Student in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do under Ron Balicki. Started teaching MMA independently in 2012 to 2014 at SWOL sports performance, and began training at Cymbrogi in fall of 2014 at Moore Location. Currently holding ranks of Fetcher, Second degree Black Belt Go Ju Ryu, Advanced instructor in Combaton/Modern Arnis under Second Degree black belt Daniel Farris, and Advanced Student under Ron Balicki of Martial Arts Research System.

Kyle has competed at:

OklaHEMA 2016 2nd Place Longsword

Spring Fecthen 2016 3rd Place Longsword

Geselle Fechten 2016  3rd Place Longsword

Lone Star Open 2016 4th Place Longsword