Princes and Lords learn to survive with this art, in earnest and in play. But if you are fearful, then you should not learn to fence. Because a despondent heart will always be defeated, regardless of all skill.

- Fechtmeister Sigmund Ringeck, 1440


 Sometimes you will be as an extinguished light: do not doubt, you will soon be back. To gain the Art, not the old but the new, no effort was too great and very happy I am of having found it. I keep it secret, but as I let it go, I swear, it gives me riches and so it happens to those having this virtue.

-Fillipo Vadi, Liber de Arte Gladitoria de Dimicandi







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I have seen one hundred men who would call themselves Masters yet if you took all their skills added together, you would not have the makings of three good students, let alone one Master…of this art there are few Masters in the world.
  Master Fiore dei Liberi, Flos Duellatorum, 1410


School Owner and Head Instructor

Ober Hauptmann 

  Jeremy Pace 

    "Over Captain" Jeremy Pace began studying martial theory and self-defense at the age of twelve. His interest led him to pursue sport fencing with the éppé and saber, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Western Boxing, and Arnis Escrima, the sum of which built a strong foundation in European sporting and martial heritage. After finding these arts to be philosophically closer to sport than combat, he began working with his uncle and a wooden dummy to learn Wing Chun and some Jeet Kune Do. The combination of Eastern and Western styles, as well as his adult career in the Marine Corps, provided him with strong insight into what makes a true martial art and artist.

         In 2001, Jeremy discovered Western martial arts (WMA) through the Association for Renaissance Martial Arts (ARMA) website.  Shortly afterwards he began privately studying and taking classes in German and Italian historic martial arts.  In the process, he revised his views of what it means to be a warrior.

         "Every Martial Art thinks that theirs is the 'True Way' but all I have found is missing elements that make them flawed. They teach you how to punch. How to kick. How to fight with a sword or a weapon. How to wrestle. How to win a bout.... but nothing until WMA ever showed me how to develop a Martial Mindset. To combine all of these things and apply them to survival. To me, anything that can do that is the 'Way' and anything missing even one of those things is not. They limit you and teach you to think in a box. I refuse to be limited."

     Martial arts’ training is his passion, and he prides himself on using alternative teaching methods and inspiring others to exceed their perceived limitations.



Assistant Instructor

 Frei Fechter 

 Derek Nash 

  Derek’s casual lifelong interest in the martial arts went largely unfulfilled until the spring of 2009, when he watched a basket hilt broadsword fencing demonstration during a trip to Scotland.  Fascinated by the fencers, but skeptical about his chances of finding such a group in Oklahoma, he started looking for an eastern style school upon his return.  To his surprise, he found the Cymbrogi.  He joined the group that fall, and has been with them ever since. 

   *** Derek is a huge asset to the School, bringing strong analytical thinking and discipline to both his personal growth and his students. Derek has competed in several tournament style combats and is ever the first to pick up new material and challenge a process to review it's opportunities. 


Assistant Instructor


TJ Johnston


   I try to contribute what I know historically to the Cymbrogi. I enjoy 17th century and earlier history. I find interest in the cultures, daily life, and martial way of the older civilizations. I like to craft historical clothing, armour, and other  historical items. I have a special interest in the Norse Men of Scandinavia and their society.

   I love combat. Western arms and armour are of great interest to me and I have always taken an interest in historical fencing. I have played with the SCA for countless years and sport fought as a heavy fighter in armour, learning what I could from the people in that society. Participating in tournaments and war was some of the most fun I have ever had.

 I am now studying and assisting in teaching historical fencing with the Cymbrogi . I enjoy the open approach to the old arts and the ongoing development and rediscovery of western fencing master's teachings. For me it fills my imagination, picturing these Masters from centuries ago and trying to understand their martial philosophies and mind set. I see so much art and science in the plates that we study. Recreating and bringing back to life these arts of our ancestors is exciting and like the history I read, an ongoing adventure.

 **TJ excels in Ringen (wrestling) and hand-to-hand based combat. His insights on both Italian and German Meisters as well as his background with other sport type fighting sytems has made him a valuable resource to our students on what is and is not practical and historic. 


Youth Program 

Assistant Instructor Lehrling

Levin Pace

Levin has been training in HEMA since he was old enough to pick up his dad's sword. Levin offers a challenge and example to all our younger students in showing them it is not size or age that makes a warrior or fencer but heart, skill, and dedication. 

Tournament winner for the Cymbrogi Youth program several years running. Levin specializes in Long Sword, Wrestling, and Minecraft.