Princes and Lords learn to survive with this art, in earnest and in play. But if you are fearful, then you should not learn to fence. Because a despondent heart will always be defeated, regardless of all skill.

- Fechtmeister Sigmund Ringeck, 1440


 Sometimes you will be as an extinguished light: do not doubt, you will soon be back. To gain the Art, not the old but the new, no effort was too great and very happy I am of having found it. I keep it secret, but as I let it go, I swear, it gives me riches and so it happens to those having this virtue.

-Fillipo Vadi, Liber de Arte Gladitoria de Dimicandi







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Ober Hauptmann Jeremy Pace

Jeremy leads the training program for the Cymbrogi Tournament Team and is always working to develop new plans and systems to optimize performance. His goal is to develop his team into the best example of Historical Fencing and Martial Ability in the modern age. 


Jeremy won 1st Place Gold in OklaHEMA 2016 Side Sword

Jeremy won 1st Place Gold in Longsword and Sword and Buckler in WEIRD Open 2017