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Organized by Cymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts

Saturday, August 5th, 2023

10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

11100 N. Kelley Avenue, OKC, OK 73131    Oklahoma City Sports Center

Summer Fechten is Cymrogi's 1 day event held at Oklahoma City Sports Center in Oklahoma City. 

The event will have:

  • Harness Fechten Tournament - This is for harness (armoured) practitioners only. We will not have loaner kit available for this event.

  • Longsword Tournament - Using the GF rules. Longswords and gear on loan if you need one that meets specifications. 

  • Women's Longsword Tournament - This will be part of the "Open Longsword" event. Pools in the Open Lswd category will determine seeding for "Women's Elims Pool". It is not mandatory to do the Open Longsword! If you elect to not compete in the Open Longsword category you will be seeded at the bottom of the Elim Pool.

  • Classes Only - classes to be announced. All classes will be held concurrently with tournaments. Proceeds go to instructors teaching the class. 

  • Judge Certification - we will have official judge certification! This is a class with testing at the end. If certification is done, this will allow you to judge at any event, and receive discount on registration. 


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