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Organized by Cymbrogi School of Western Martial Arts

Friday, October 15


Saturday, October 16


Sunday, October 17

Friday, October 15 2021 9:30 AM - Sunday, October 17 2021 5:00 PM [CDT]

1903 NE 12th St, Moore, OK 73160 | Buck Thomas Park North Pavilion

Gesellen Fechten 2021 is ON! 

***Covid 19 has been a serious concern this year and the return of fencing events while welcome, has been a hot button topic of concern. This will be an OUTDOOR event to allow for an easement of health and transmission concerns. All participants are encouraged to wear a mask if that makes them comfortable, but we will not require the use of one at the event while fencing. Any precautions the fencers would like to take will be encouraged and we will attempt to accommodate.***

Gesellen Fechten 2021 (GF21) will be an outdoor event! 

  • It will be October. Which means cool and breezy in Oklahoma, but a low chance of rain or heat concerns. If it does rain, we have a pavilion larger than a basketball court to hold the event under. 

  • We will have food vendors on site! There will be a lot of fun eats and entertainment in addition to the fencing tournament.

  • We will have a large audience!  There will be spectators all day long at the events to watch, cheer, and clap for you with an announcers table announcing the fighters and where they are from. 

  • Livestream and professional video/media! 


GF21 will have the following events this year:

  • Longsword (multiple skill divisions and sub categories)

  • Sword and Buckler (Side sword/arming sword and round buckler only. Details will be in rules) 

  • Rapier (Cut and Thrust. Details in Rules)

  • Messer (Details in Rules)

  • HarnessFechten

  • Dagger


Pools begin on FRIDAY so please make sure you have that day off for the event. We will run all pools on Friday and do Elims and Finals on Saturday. 

Tournament Events

Long Sword

Sword & Buckler





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Geselle Fechten...

From Middle High German geselle, from Old High German gisello, gisellio journeyman associate fellow (of the guild).

To be a Geselle means you come in fellowship to learn and teach. Both through displaying your hard work through your Art and with an open mind to take material and insight back home.


This Event is for those wishing to share in that spirit of camraderie and fellowship. Through classes, community and fighting!


In the past four years running Geselle Fechten, there have been zero injuries post event reporting. Our awards are usually hand crafted and true gifts of honor and appreciation for the contribution of the Fencer. We have never disqualified anyone and rarely have we had to issue a warning of any sort for conduct or misappropriation of rules. No one lacks for gear and if we have to rule that a weapon or piece of gear as "unfit/unsafe" then we replace it with something comparable for you.


Our goal is to make the event as stress free as possible for all participants. We attempt to eliminate arbitrary rules and over-complicated scoring systems to promote a positive environment for you to display your Art.


Our three divisions of Longsword are to help you find the best fit for the level of competition you are looking for. The Dagger/Ringen event is designed to force you into wrestling/containing the weapon to score rather than athletically stabbing your opponent. The Single Sword event is to challenge yourself against varied single weapon disciplines to help highlight the differences.


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